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271 Carew Steet, Springfield, MA 01104     •     Tel: 413-748-9230


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The Sr. Caritas Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center provides services to over one-third of all cancer patients in the Pioneer Valley area. The Sr. Caritas Cancer Center Patient Services Fund was established for the purpose of providing direct support to Cancer Center patients in dire financial need. This assistance will help patients cover unexpected expenses associated with their care. Direct Care Support does not include physician visits, hospital care or medical expenses. All applicants are reviewed on a case by case basis. This is a "last resort" fund for patients with meager assets and funds; much needed support for patients who may seek funds no more than two times per year. 




MEDICATION: Emergency funds to cover needed medications.

TRANSPORTATION: Pay for transportation to and from appointments.

CLOTHES OR ACCESSORIES: Purchase special clothes, shoes or other accessories related to cancer care and treatment.


NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Nutritional supplements to help build the immune system and meet nutritional needs.


SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Situational circumstances affecting patients daily and/or quality of life.


SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND SERVICES: Special programs and services funded through the Sr. Caritas Cancer Center Patient           Services Fund may include, but are not limited to subsidizing special programs and purchase of equipment to improve the delivery of care for Cancer Center patients.

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